Sunday, March 27, 2016


Womble - IMBA Epic - 35 miles with 4093' elevation gain

This is more than we wanted to do in one day, so we divided it in half, doing 18 miles today. Although there was some serious elevation gain, the climbs were gradual and the downhills were long and fast. However, a couple of the crew didn't care for the narrow, off-camber, root over loose rock sections. As you can see from photos 2 & 3, these were vertigo inducing. I found it helped if I closed my eyes.

Marty got in more miles today because there weren't as many crystals popping out of the ground saying, "take me - take me".   ; ). That's not to say her hydration pack didn't gain a few pounds by the end of the ride.

This trail is an IMBA Epic for a reason. And when it is combined with other trails around Hot Springs, the whole place becomes a destination.

Milage >30
Elevation gain >4000'

This was the first of many stream crossings.

My mantra was, "Don't look right".

Even Bob was hugging the inside of this skinny section.

This would be so much easier if it were wider.