Monday, March 21, 2016


The Sylaward Trail system is in the Lake Howard State Park near Sylacauga, AL. It's a beautiful system boasting smooth trails, fast-flowy ups and downs with a good balance of climbing and gravity riding. It has the same flow as Jack Rabbit, but with more elevation change (1200'). It has similar elevation changes as Tsali, but without the steep climbs.

Bob and Marty loved this trail. Unlike the rocky surface of several other Alabama systems we have ridden, this trail was smooth, inviting riders to pick up the pace. The climbs and descents were gradual, and the turns and curves had good line of sight. This combination really encouraged us to ride a little faster than normal, which allowed us to really carve our turns. At the end of the ride we had completed 17 miles. This system was very well maintained and definitely worth a try.

Milage >15

Elevation gain >1000'

Nice rolling terrain with a well groomed surface.

Marty waits for Bob at the top of a climb.
Riders of all skill levels will appreciate this system. Though not technically challenging, expert riders will love the ability to ride fast and carve perfect turns. On the long, gradual downhills you have a good line of sight and can let go go the brakes. We hit some pretty impressive Max Speed numbers on our computers. It was all fun and no worry.