Saturday, March 19, 2016

Desoto State Park

Desoto State Park is high atop a mountain near Ft Payne, AL. Our ride started with snow flurries, then it got cold. The trails here are all entry level with mild climbs, but lots of roots. What these trails lack in technical excitement they make up for with beautiful scenery. Huge rock outcropping, car size boulders and several stream crossing add to the beauty of a thick forest. Cliffs of exposed rock begged to be ridden, but the propensity to crash kept our tires on solid ground.

There are numerous low, wet areas that necessitated creative decking, which adds to the fun. I would suggest not riding here after a rain. It might be popular for locals, but I wouldn't go out of my way to ride here.

Milage >15
Elevation gain >1000'

BTW- this first photo one was off-trail. We were looking for something exciting to ride, and we found it. Fortunately, Bob's injuries were only superficial. 

Minerals in the water added color to each stream crossing.

Wes tries to maintain traction on the wet rocks.

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