Sunday, March 20, 2016

Cold Water Mountain

Cold Water Mountain is near Anniston, AL. Total trail length is over 23 miles, all of it machine cut with good flow, banked turns, and optional technical sections. The premiere line is called the Bomb Dog. It is a 2-mile flow-style descent with rollers, table top jumps, and a whole bunch of rock features like those in the below photos. The Bomb Dog Loop combines several individual trails to make a 10-mile loop with 1290' of climbing and descending. Depending on which way you ride, these rock stairs could be an unforgiving climb. Best to ride clockwise to save the hike.

The Anniston Loop is another 9-miles with 1003' of climbing and descending. This loop has better flow, and because there are fewer rocks, is less technical. If you start at the eastern parking lot closest to Anniston, you start with a climb. Or, you can drive west a couple miles and start at the top, giving you a chance to warm up before the climb.

Although these are fun and challenging trails, erosion has been a problem and the majority of the surface is covered with baseball size stones that move around a lot. This isn't so much a problem as it is just annoying, unless of course you are going stupid fast, then it gets challenging.

Milage >15
Elevation gain >1000'

Across the top of Bomb Dog.

This staircase starts 100' above and continues down. Best to hold tight.

Rich on one of the smoother sections.

Dave tops a climb.

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