Tuesday, March 22, 2016


Chewacla State Park near Auburn has about a 18 miles of intermediate trail with 1100' of elevation gain, another 16 miles of easy trail with 900' of elevation gain, a BMX pump track, and numerous wooden structures. The intermediate trails have natural rock outcroppings and constructed rock features. 

Unfortunately, many of the wooden structures, in my opinion, were poorly designed. They had a nearly vertical 15' high wall on basically flat ground. I doubt even a highly skilled technical rider could get up enough speed to get very far up the wall. In the top photo you see a bermed structure on flat ground. We literally had to climb up onto the deck, which slowed us down, then pedal really hard to reach a speed to utilize the berm. The last photo shows a very steep roller built as a bridge over a stream. Too slow and you slide backwards, too fast and you launch. Eather way and you get wet.

We only rode on intermediate trails. Personally, I didn't find them even moderately challenging. The rock sections (middle photo) were fun, but few and far between. The intermediate trails were scenic, built on rolling terrain with occasional lake views, but nothing special. They charged four bucks a head. Not worth the money.

Milage >15

Elevation gain >1000'

Bob rode this once, then was over it.

Bob rode this several times because there wasn't much else.

There wasn't much room for error on this bridge, and it was the only way across.