Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Cedar Glades

Big WOW! What a fun trail system we have found in Hot Springs AR. The Cedar Glades trail has 10 miles of intermediate track with 95% of it going either up or down. This is one of the best designed systems I have seen in some time, with moderate climbs, long descents, and perfectly executed high banked switchbacks. Straight out of an IMBA trail construction textbook, the 40 or so wide, sweeping switchbacks allow a rider to carry speed around the curve, whether going up or down. After only one ride I could feel confidence improving. No doubt a second lap would be much faster than my first. Wish this was closer to home.

Hot Springs is a funky little tourist town featuring hot spring spas and hotels from the decadent years of the early 19th century. The old downtown was busy even in this off-season. Shops of vintage clothes, furniture and jewelry lined a dozen blocks. There were enough interesting looking restaurants to keep anyone busy for a month. The town offers many after ride activities not found near other good ride destinations.

Miles of trails <15
Elevation gain <1000'

Bob on a fast, sweeping downhill. Only the leaves limited our speed.

I was trying real hard not to flip over the top of that berm.

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