Monday, May 2, 2016

Hurricane Wrapup

Our condo for the week, and the portion of our crew that rode. Missing are Lou, Mary and Jeanne, who are hiking Zion.

We started the week with a mid intensity trail, progressed to the most difficult, then tapered off to the easiest. All week the weather cooperated with 50-60° start times and no rain during the days. A couple afternoons the winds kicked up 20 knots, which was sufficient to cause unintentional directional changes, but not a problem unless you were near a ledge. Fortunately, all bikes were accounted for at the end of the ride.

There were hiking trips to Zion and Bryce Canyon, shopping trips to local bike shops, and nightly social gatherings. We ate well, rationalizing the inclusion of monster desserts by believing all this riding has been burning major calories. However, I am afraid the weight scale back home will prove otherwise. But like they say, there's no time like tomorrow to start a diet.

It was a fun group that played well together, challenging each other in a positive way, and being more than helpful when needed. Hurricane has been an excellent destination if you like technical trails. The Black trails here are definitely more difficult than anyplace I have ridden, including Moab.

Most people are heading home tomorrow (Sunday), but Jeff, Marty and I are still traveling west to experience Bootleg and Cottonwood Canyon near Vegas. This will probably be my last post, and I hope you have enjoyed my rambling attempt at storytelling. Marty and I plan on arriving back in Tampa late April or early May. Six weeks on the road has been a bucket list item in the planning for some time, and it has all been good, wouldn't change a thing. I do look forward to riding with all you SWAMPers soon. Look for us on your favorite trail.

Zion is well known as one of America's best National Parks. By mid week numerous people wanted a day off to do some hiking, so up they went into the snow. Yep, it is May, but it can snow at these altitudes most any time.

Matt is wondering if this is safer than biking.

Matt and Susan in Zion

Wait a minute, this isn't sand, it's snow.

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