Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Hurricane wrap-up

After riding 30 trails in 31 days the body was tired, the vehicle needed a bath inside and out, the bikes needed love and I needed a haircut. Guacamole and Gooseberry were our most challenging trails of the trip, and riding them back to back was exhausting mentally and physically. I slept late. The access roads in Utah should be rated black diamond (most difficult) as seen in photo one, so the 4Runner had several pounds of mud caked to the undercarriage. I gave it a bath. I left the bikes on the rack at the car wash, then lubed everything that made noise, keeping the Trance happy. And, I got a much needed haircut. All is well in Hurricane UT.

Many of the people that just arrived on Saturday took a break today by visiting Bryce Canyon or Zion. A few rode, while others kicked back and did chores. Not surprisingly, most people are not used to riding hard four days straight, so a midweek rest day was appreciated.

For me, riding everyday of our trip had become an obsession after the first week, so I was driven. A day off renewed my energy and I have already planned rides for the next three days. I am ready to roll. Tomorrow will bring new trails, new photos and more stories.

Access road to Gooseberry Mesa

Backside of Zion
View from Gooseberry

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