Sunday, May 1, 2016

Red Bluffs

All week we have been riding Black trails, breaking into three groups by abilities. With this being our last day we considered trying at least one Blue trail, so our group picked Bear Claw and Stucki Springs. Combined, these created a four mile gentle uphill. The fun began when we turned around and started downhill. What started as one path soon split into multiple parallel versions of a jump park. It would take a hundred flights down to hit every possible combo, but what we did was entertaining in a 'little kid on a BMX bike' kind of way.

The Red Bluff system had a dozen or more trails of Green, Blue and Black/double Black persuasion. The double Black diamonds trails were possibly the most difficult of the week. Spread around the St George and Washington area are dozens of trails of the Green and Blue level of difficulty. Bottom line, after seven days of riding we only scratched the surface. This place definitely rocks.