Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Rim View Trail

Todd found this little 11 mile gem of a trail starting right in the center of Page AZ.  Called the Rim View Trail, it offered outrageously beautiful views of Lake Powell. The trail was easy except for a few intermediate sections that included rock lifts and tight turns, but they were few and minor.

This could be ridden with good speed since the trail is smooth with gentle climbs. But the main feature was the views. This 
was the only trail we found in the area, but Page is only 2-hours from Hurricane. So considering the slot canyons, Lake Powell and the Rim View trail, it could be worth the drive.

Milage < 15
Elevation gain < 1000'

For an urban trail, this was pretty exciting. 

The trail is miles of solid rock.

Wolf and Todd on one of the few flat sections.

Page AZ, also has lots of touristy things to see, including beautiful buttes, slot canyons, and Horseshoe Bend on the Colorado River. If you were here for a few days there are all kinds of boating opportunities on Lake Powell.

Even on a cloudy day the colors are bright.

Inside one of the slot canyons.

These can be hundreds of feet deep.

Horseshoe Bend

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