Saturday, April 30, 2016

Little River Mesa

Little River Mesa featured trails that ran only a few feet from a cliff edge, and often only inches from the edge. It took 2:45 to cover 15 miles because we had to stop frequently to hunt for the trail over large expanses of rock. Included were the now typical rock lifts, steep climbs and descents over huge boulders, and miles of rugged exposed rock with edges sharp enough to slice tires, which actually happened.

Little River was within sight of Guacamole and Gooseberry, but not quite as technical from the rock hopping aspect. But because of the trails proximity to sheer edges, the scenery was breathtaking. Several of the mountain peaks had fresh snow from a rain/snow storm that blew thru early morning, adding to the mountain's magical aura.

Guy crossing a rock bridge

Dave decides to turn around

Wes at the edge

Wolf grunts a steep rock climb