Saturday, April 2, 2016

La Tierra

Florida is not flat. Oklahoma is flat. Northern Texas is really flat. Leaving Amarillo via I-40, we can see 360° in any direction, and there is not a single tree anywhere. It is like being on an ocean where the horizon is visible in every direction. Occasionally we will come upon a wind farm where dozens of generator towers with huge propellers break the vast emptiness, but beyond those is the same never ending horizon. This would be an excellent place to visit at night to view the heavens. The stars would be awesome.

Welcome to Santa Fe NM, where you can go into a New Age Holistic Crystal shop and pay $75 for the same rocks that were laying all over the ground in Hot Springs AR. Doesn't matter, we are here to ride, not shop. Our first outing will be the Winsor downhill trail, a 3,341' descent from 10,290' covering 9.3 miles. Well, as you can see in the bottom photo, that descent could prove to be problematic. Santa Fe had 6" of snow mid week on top of a solid base. Big time downhill was not in our immediate future. Move on to plan 'B'.

The La Tierra trail system is an 11 mile loop with 1029' of elevation gain. Located at the norther boundary of Santa Fe, it is an urban ride with easy climbs and nothing technical. Ok, so if the climbs are supposedly easy, why are we breathing like puppies chasing a squirrel? Ah, perhaps it's the 7,200 elevation. This is going to take some getting used to.

Top Photo is Bob cruising along. The snow in the background is where we were an hour earlier. Middle Photo is Wolf doing his big air thing, and the Bottom Photo is me coming in for a landing. 

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