Saturday, April 9, 2016

Gooseberry Mesa

Located adjacent to Zion National Park, the views of Zion's towering rock formations were spectacular (see photo 4). The trails themselves were the most challenging of the trip, taking over 2-hours to complete 11 miles. The trail often would climb near vertical rock formations, only to turn sharply and descend with a seemingly unridable steepness. Much of the ride was completed in a standing position to facilitate movement from a climbing posture to a descending, behind the seat position. The constant up and down flow of the trail was exhausting, and towards the end, as fatigue begin to set in crashes became more frequent. Fortunately, no rush trips to the hospital.

Milage <15

Elevation gain <1000

Guy testing the traction on a steep climb

Fortunately, Susan had a running start on this one, otherwise...

Jeff makes this look way easier than it actually was

Wolf with Zion in the background

Guy showing his climbing strength