Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Paris Mountain

Paris Mountain State Park, just north of Greenville, SC, gave true meaning to the word mountain. We did more climbing in 12-miles than we had done in the previous 4-days over in N Carolina. But what fun. The Pipsissewa section had some of the best rock features I've seen (see photo). There was always a good line somewhere, you just had to find it. The Sulphur Springs section featured a dozen high bermed switchbacks that were fun going up and down.

There were a couple of spectacular over-the-bar dismounts today, but I told Bob and Ron I wouldn't mention any names. We did capture a few good videos of us flying around some of the termed switchbacks. Well, it felt like we were flying, but after reviewing the videos, it looked more like a couple of Florida flat landers holding on to their bikes for dear life.

If you enjoy technical trails with some serious elevation change, you will love this place. Paris is just a short detour off the interstate on the way to Asheville, a good way to spend 2-3 hours. Take a map because there are hiking and biking trails and several confusing intersections. Enjoy.

Milage >15

Elevation gain >1000

It took three tries to get up this nasty section.

Marty shows us how it's done.

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