Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Oak Mountain

Oak Mountain is just south of Birmingham, AL, and is heavily used by the locals. Every afternoon the trailhead parking was busy with riders eager to hit the trails, and what fine trails they were.

The main trail runs the perimeter of the park, utilizing both two-track and single-track. There is easy rolling single-track along scenic lakes, grunt climbs up rocky, rutted two-track to reach ridgeline trails, and bombing downhills with names like Bloody Rock. Dispersed around the park are other fun things like a BMX race track, a very technical skills course, and rest stops with picnic tables.

Within the park are lakeside rental cabins, several campgrounds, a boating lake, a couple swimming beaches, and an equestrian park (we don’t share trails). Immediately outside the park are motels and restaurants by the score, making this a great destination for a family. There are half a dozen very good trail systems within an hours drive if you wanted to spend a week in Birmingham.

To reach the more challenging (and fun) trails requires a fairly taxing climb, by single-track or two-track. But once on top, there are so many ways down you will want to make the climb again and again. OK, maybe not again and again, but like us, you will probably at least wish there was a shuttle service.

Milage >30
Elevation gain > 2000

Dennis on the skinny bridge.